Safety and Policy

  • We will support this commitment through the communication, training and development of our staff to ensure that our company goals and quality objectives are understood, implemented and maintained in accordance with and compliance to ISO 9001:2008
  • Adapt new philosophies and technologies .New missions and goal statements must be written down carefully so that authority is achieved.
  • Maintaining open and constructive communication of our quality objectives with our clients and staff.
  • Recognising that continual improvement of our quality management system is in itself a key quality objective.
  • Developing internal processes and capabilities to meet and exceed clients’ requirements and ensuring employees are aware and understand these requirements.
  • Managing and conducting our operations using systems and controls which ensure commercial dealings are always in a professional manner and in line with our personalised and responsive operating culture.

Key2Clean is committed to and operates in a manner that integrates environmental management with reduction of our operational impact on the environment.
Our environmental policy and strategies include:

  • Ensuring our activities comply, at a minimum, with relevant laws, regulations and standards.
  • Identifying areas through correct training, monitoring and supervision of all staff, including the handling of cleaning products.
  • Incidents that have the potential to impact adversely on the environment will be investigated with a view to eliminating or reducing the likelihood of recurrence.
  • Resource conservation, including energy and water use.
  • Fostering and establishing a dialogue with business partners, communities, and peak industry bodies to ensure current and future impacts of our operations on the environment are managed and further reduced.
  • Ensuring that employees are informed and equipped to conduct their work in line with the overall organisational policy and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Key2Clean is committed to occupational health and safety management in all areas of our operations.It is our vision to provide the best service to our clients in safest way possible. To achieve this we aim to undertake Work safe Plan accreditation.

  • To adopt a preventive approach by identifying hazards, assessing risks and implementing risk control strategies in the workplace.
  • Ensuring our overall OH&S systems and policies are relevant and current as our industry evolves.
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement which are all aimed at making our workplaces safe and usable for all staff and visitors.
  • Ensuring our policies and procedures are communicated to our staff in a way that they understand and is usable in their scope of work.
  • Continuously reviewing our policy to ensure it is evolving with the industry, regulatory and best practice standards which may apply.
  • Key2Clean views OH&S as part of our quality control procedures and is therefore fundamental to our business. Read more about our quality assurance philosophy.

Our OH&S procedures and policies are introduced at our sites (where applicable and possible) and are a core part of our business philosophy.

Key2Clean is a registered Australian company that complies with all necessary legal and regulatory requirements. We hold all necessary insurance policies relevant to our operations which cover our work on all client sites, anywhere in Australia. Our insurance policies cover:

  • Products and Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Vehicular & Machinery Insurance (including any such damage caused)

Our insurance policies are all carried with highest possible financial coverage. Further details and certificates of currency can be provided on request.